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Free is nice and all, but $6 for an hour of broadband internet isn’t so bad at all when you’re stuck at SFO for a two-hour flight delay. T-Mobile hotspot just doesn’t do anything for me at Starbucks but here it’s like manna from heaven.

Message me!

On a related note, is it neat or unspeakably sad that I just checked my flight status on ual.com rather than walk ten feet to the departure board?

  • Happy (Belated) Birthday!

    I can totally relate to the laziness factor. I can't get out of my bed and walk down the hallway to ask my roommate a question; I feel the need to instant message her just to ask her if she wants to come downstairs to eat. :)

  • Eglantine

    Happy birthday! :)

    (Note: only one entry in the past 30 days...)

  • Loliinspired

    I'm feeling ya. No access (dialup doesn't count) is purgatory. Miss you!

  • Ana

    I see you've still got the NaNo2002 image up. Should I assume it's because you're too busy writing this year's novel? =P

  • mojito

    Very cool (and thriving) project -- set up a node or just pull up a laptop... [also lists no-fee commercial spots]

    -> http://seattlewireless.net

  • jet

    Remember when wireless internet access (or at least broadband via ethernet) was going to be freely available in the Red Carpet Clubs and 1K lounges?

    Fast forward to present-day: the evil money-grubbers instead got their way with the pay hotspots, and 1K lounges are now aviation history along with such technological wonders as supersonic commercial flight...

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