Design for December


Back in Seattle. It’s so cold.

Doctor’s recommendation for the back and the arm: anti-inflammatories and physical therapy, “pending approval by insurance.” Am determined that December will be a month of renewal, both of body and mind, therefore: less time in front of the computer, more time reading books, more time being active outdoors, more time being social, more time in the sun (or what passes as such in the Northwest). Hopefully this will equate to some semblance of a healthier, happier life.

As part of this grand plan, I’ll be attempting to keep a booklist here, as I start trying to attack the backlog of books building up at home. The hard-and-fast requirement will be one book a month (ambitious? ha, but sadly, almost ten times my rate of the past five years), but I hope to far exceed that.

Without further ado, the first entry: Henry Petroski’s The Book On the Bookshelf, completed 4 December 2002. Yay! Next up: Connie Willis.

Planning to catch Frida (heart Julie Taymor) later tonight. For now, getting off the internet. See you later!

  • mlee

    She is.

  • Thank you, anonymous stranger!

    And lizzie: you aren't seriously leave me hanging like that?!

  • lizzieb

    Oh, THAT's not the best one. :)

  • Anonymous

    I'm sending good energy your way so the health and happiness you seek will fill the space you are creating in your life.

  • To Say Nothing Of the Dog. Only four years after I bought it!

    Oddly enough, even though I had never read her, I wanted to be Connie Willis when I was writing my novel. Aim high, you know.

  • lizzieb

    Which Connie Willis? Oh, hooray. She's so great.

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