Things may not continue.

forty days, passion plays, malaise, malaise, malaise.

Hopefully by tomorrow there’ll be power at the house again. In the meantime, thanking my lucky stars that three 50-foot tall cedars chose not to fall through my roof (tho, unfortunately, this was not true in the neighbors’ case).

In light of that, smug PSE dancing lady is blackening my mood, as she struts across a dance floor utterly devoid of updates (not to say the least mention) of the sitch, twenty-plus hours in.


Entschuldigen, anyone have any experience ordering music from Germany?


Il Giardino Armonico

Trying to find a way to get some calcium in my dairy-deprived life, I found myself in front of the yogurt aisle at the grocery, scooping a variety of flavors and brands into my little shopping basket. The results? Dannon was an immediate nix, after a taste-and-scan revealed an ungodly sweetening tag-team of sugar and aspartame. Though Tillamook are to be commended for having an orange creamsicle variety (and really, what foodstuff can’t be enriched by that particular flavor?), the consistency was a little too homogeneous. Yami, on the other hand — perfect. I feel a bit sheepish admitting that, after avoiding it so long on the sole basis of a horrible ad campaign.

It is delicious, though. And I could definitely eat it every day, which fulfills the calcium goal. Also, live cultures! Take that, lactose intolerance!

It’s something of a white post-Christmas here; snow’s coming down, as if in a dream it thought it was in Chicago, instead of Seattle. Wonderful to see snowmen amidst the evergreens, or the odd snow-angel, but best to see it from indoors, I think. The streets here are treacherous in snow, where no one’s used to it. Inside, it’s beautiful.


Natural Orange Sensurround

Natural Orange Listerine is pretty much to Listerine what Berry-flavored NyQuil is — meaning, specifically, that it makes it possible to put the product in your mouth rather than causing immediate projectile vomiting, and not that it tastes anything like orange.

After one trial run, I’m convinced that it shares another property with NyQuil: a most bizarre series of dreams last night, including IRS officers on Weta-esque fell beasts, my father revealing himself as a leisure-suit-wearing secret agent, 78 RPM records and a return to college. Better stock up now before the FDA puts the kibosh on it.

Incidentally, I didn’t stop watching movies with Bubba Ho-Tep, no matter what the list to the right says (as if it wasn’t obvious I’ve been on Lord of the Rings overload from my mind-altering dream). My grand plan to start a movieblog didn’t make much progress during the month and a half I took off. We’ll see what the new year brings.

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