Whither ginger?


Had correspondents on the search for Ginger Altoids all day yesterday, with absolutely no success. Am beginning to wonder whether this is all an elaborately constructed hoax, but no: I certainly held a tin in my hands on Friday, and even sampled a mint. Suggestions were helpfully offered but sadly misleading… We struck out at Trader Joe’s, where some on the web had reported success, and an enthusiastic tip that the Mercer Larry’s had them as of 4 p.m. on Saturday seems to have been in error (Eggy: “The lady there looked at me as if she had never heard of them” — like Keyser Soze, gone without a trace).

Have a few more yuppie market prospects to check out before I’ll be willing to concede defeat; alternately, if anyone has a lead on where they might be ordered online, that just might do as well. At this point, any word merely corroborating their existence would be a comfort!

DVD news, in short: Disney will be releasing Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky Laputa in one- and two-disc special editions, all in April. Both original and dubbed soundtracks will be included, as well as as-yet-unspecified special features. More than I had hoped for! Also, Dreamworks will release the original Japanese version of Ring on the same day that last year’s American remake arrives on DVD.

Hear that? That’s the sound of a lot of tense movie fans sighing in relief.

  • Anya

    I am in UK too. Any success to find ginger altoids? I've looked everywhere. I found a couple of shops that offer mint version. Did you have any luck with ginger ones?

  • sue

    Hi - Im from UK where thy make ginger altoids - but I cannot find them - only the fellow deprived sufferers on your site!!!

  • yukino

    Yup, as we discovered the very next day. However, I've been to many 7-Elevens since January and they've all been empty.

  • Dawn

    Oh great. Ebay? That is insane. Listen, in the Seattle area, check out your nearest 7-Eleven.

  • LikeAltoids

    Ginger Altoids are definitely available on eBay this week (today's the 28th of March). I've seen auctions for one tin and for lots of six. Good luck!

    LikeAltoids -- Dude!

  • Just saw Ginger Altoids for the first time, at Trader Joe's in West LA. Looks like I'd better buy a whole lot of them, to do my part to convice Callard & Bowser to keep making 'em.

  • darthoz

    Ginger Altoids are available on ebay!

  • Drew

    I bought 12 tins today at Cost Plus in San Diego. That was all they had.

  • Gorgar

    The last time I saw the Ginger Altoids was at a Cost Plus World Market in Northridge back in December. I was soon thereafter told by a reliable source that there was a limited supply as they were test marketing the ginger flavor before deciding whether to make it a fulltime flavor or not. All the more reason to speak out now and speak out often for Altoids to embrace the Ginger flavor for all eternity.

    All Hail Chubs!

  • Are you people INSANE? You're missing the important news here! MIYAZAKI ON REGION 1 DVD.

    Thank you, thank you, Yuki. As soon as I can mug some people for spare 20s, I can see a dream come true.

  • Eglantine

    Keyser Soze, Tyler Durden, GINGER ALTOIDS, . . . Godot, the Orator from Ionesco's "The Chairs," that guy's wife's murderer from "The Fugitive," GINGER ALTOIDS, anyone who's ever been laundered through the Federal Witness Protection Program, GINGER ALTOIDS. . . .

    No luck at Univerity Trader Joe's, QA Trader Joe's, QA Larry's, QA Bartell's, downtown Bartell's. . . . let's give it six more days and then start asking these nice people to mail us tins . . . .

  • Why don't you go to www.altoids.com and send in a question asking where you can buy Ginger Altoids in the greater Seattle metropolitan area?

  • yukino

    Also on the "No Good" list:

    Klahanie QFC

    Bellevue Larry's

    Issaquah Trader Joe's

    Bellevue Safeway (140th & Bel-Red)

    I feel like I'm chasing Tyler Durden here, all the clerks remember "having had them in" but they haven't seen them in a while.

  • Susan

    I've got a tin that I bought at the supermarket, and I think I saw them again. So add me to the "I can mail you a tin" list.

  • Jim

    U-district locations just checked: Bartells, U-Bookstore, and the Ave market in the same block as Bulldog (I forgot to check Bulldog!).

    No joy. Though I did pick up a tin of Tangerine Sours.

    We are being manipulated by Phillip Morris (of which Callard and Bowser is a wholly-owned subsidiary).

  • Have you tried the all-powerful eBay?

    I, too, am now obsessed with this hunt. Crushed up, I wonder how ginger altoids will go with my next and experimental bulgogi marinade? Sweet and minty zing to it no?

  • Adorable

    When are you going to post one of your oh-so-kawaii baby pictures, huh? Huh?

  • If you can't find them where you're at, I offer to buy a couple tins and mail them to you. They're fairly easy to find out here. (I'm in the Los Angeles area).

  • "Keaton once said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Ginger Altoids."

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