By the way, does anyone still read this?

Should have guessed that renewed posting would only lead to eventual blog geekery. For awhile I’ve been worried about what would happen if I had to move my little blog to another server or Movable Type install. By default, the documents for each entry are named according to their indexes into the MT database, a volatile number that’s not likely to survive either situation. Last time I looked at solutions people had whipped up, there didn’t seem to be anything that would make things future-proof but still deal with old permalinks already out in blogspace. So I held off.

Of course, the longer you live with the problem the worse it gets.

Today, I ran across this article at khakipants which had they key — a nice trick for generating a static .htaccess file with a mod_rewrite rule for each archive entry to date. This means a painless map that itself doesn’t depend on the current MT install, and one which I can take with me to another apache server in the future (and if I go to some other environment, at least I have a reference for URL mapping).

So yay! I’m now future-proof. All the entries now live in folders and filenames organized by date and time, and I’ve also removed the .html extension as well.

Some excellent web references on URLs, blogs and future-proofing:

As for what else: Love Love Love! Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist isn’t just any old fling, it’s the one you bring home to mum. And it’ll probably make you breakfast in the morning too!

OK, I admit it. I’ll probably see Sky Captain in the end. Jude Law!

  • jendavis77

    I'm still here, occasionally.

  • I need to future proof in a big way.

  • Yes, I read this as regularly as I can. Of course, there was a darth up updates in December so I haven't been checking as frequently in January. Though I wouldn't feel too bad if I were you. I never get more than a comment every few months on my whole web site.

  • I'm always here, baby ... even if I don't get online as much as I used to. Of course, I'm housesitting for a few days and have a REALLY FAST connection, so it'll be dork-city until Sunday.

  • yukino

    Bad typepad!

    Well, truth be told, it happens here too. I included them into my vhost.conf file directly (after reading about the performance horrors of .htaccess redirects).

    For those curious:

    Archive file template for individual entries:

    <$MTEntryDate format="%Y/%m/%d.%H%M%S"$>

    Archive file template for monthly archives:

    <$MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%m/index.html"$>

  • Miranda G, High Priestess of t

    Sadly, when you upload a .htaccess to your TypePad.com account, you start getting 500 server errors on all your files... *sniff*

  • yukino

    David Blaine! Is he down from that box in the sky yet?

  • haglund

    With all your excitement over Jude Law, imagine my surprise to find out Jude is a dude.

  • Aggregate the feed, then read.

  • Damn you! Damn you! Once again, you lead the lemmings to the cliff!

    …but you're sooooo right about MT-Blacklist.

  • Dear David Blaine,

    I am a big fan of yours, but I don't completely understand your weblog.



  • worm

    What website is this again?

  • Still here.

  • Jim

    I aggregate the feed, then I read.

  • "By the way, does anyone still read this?"


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