Mission accomplished!


Mission accomplished! Ten yuppie markets, three drug stores, one bookstore and one Safeway later…


When all else fails, thank heaven… for 7-11, of all places — and just across from work, too! The inventory was untouched, and the clerk looked at me as if I had grown three heads (“Ginger,” she said, shaking her head. “I think I like that in teriyaki.”). So I rescued the entire stock from the philistines, display box included; some for myself, and some as “thank you” gifts for my diligent operatives. Let those who appreciate the joy of ginger be the ones to hoard it!

Anyway, I feel like I just snapped a picture of Bigfoot. Yay!

And to continue the joyfest a bit: if it wasn’t obvious above, apparently my camera has decided to work for me, for this once at least.

(Ah, see? now it’s dead again!)

  • chris

    I thought I was the only one...in Northern Minnesota target quit selling them..now Im not sure what to do...

    -I was hooked a couple years ago when a coworker had some but couldnt remember where he got them from (very annoying).

  • Jen

    I have seen Ginger Altoids at several WORLD MARKET ( part of Cost Plus out of California) stores across the country. Last time in Maryland. Go to WORLDMARKET.COM to get the location of a store closest to your zip code.

    Good Luck and enjoy!!!!!

  • FoxoFoxo

    I Love Love Love Ginger Altoids!!!!

    They are difficult to aquire however worth evry oz of effort.

    DrSODA.com has them online for 1.95 a tin. If you like Giner altoids you should try GINGER People GINGER CHEWS!!!! also seach online I found them in bulk for the best price at GingerPeople.com

    Do you think this paaion could be left over from always wanting to be Ginger On Gilligans Island???

  • Wendy

    I enjoyed the ginger altoids, but they are hard to find in South Carolina. I found it once at a Walmart, but no more. Anybody know where to find it in the lower east.

  • Gatorduk

    They ARE OUT OF STOCK! WHat could this mean? Are they discontinuing the greatest of all Altoids?

  • Susan

    The Altoids website has been updated so you can get the candies directly from them, minimum order of six tins.


    I am so happy I can get Ginger Altoids any time now and intend to stock up on them. Did you know ginger cures nausea, especially motion sickness?

  • Peanut

    ....and here I thought these wonderful Ginger Altoids were brand-new.

    I just tasted these babies for the first time yesterday, my son ran across them somewhere. I love ginger, and I also suffer from acid-reflux disease. (Doesn't everyone nowadays??) These are just the ticket.

    And yeah, why can't you find BlackJack & Clove gum all the time? And don't forget Teaberry.

  • Dorothy

    I LOVE GINGER!!!!!

    Guess I'll be calling 7-11 stores!!!

    Or candy wholesale store.

  • Mal-2

    In Southern California at least they are available at Trader Joe's. Can't say anywhere else. They are also available on my desk.

  • Sara

    I have found ginger altoids at both costplus world market and trader joes.

  • Lauren

    David...Thanks for the info. Shame on others trying to make maajpr bucks on our discriminating taste.

  • Collette

    I didn't even know ginger Altoids existed! I was heartbroken to read that they couldn't be found in New York. I'll have to join you in finding them where I can. My friends and family all think I'm insane because of my alphebetized 5-tier storage chest of spices. I love them, and I adore ginger. I have seen the clove gum, etc., at Fanny Farmers. Happy hunting!

  • http://www.clorders.com/alt...

    Found a way to order them online without Ebay.

  • Hmmm, I really want some, anyone have any idea if they've reached Michigan yet? Anyway, I have a friend in Nebraska looking for them too. I heard they were actually made by Kraft, which seems odd that Collard and Bowser is still on the tins. But anywho, maybe if Kraft has like a company tour thingy like Hershey's does, we can get them there. Plus if you check out my website, I drew some tins in pixel art :)

  • Anonymous

    hey ill be receiving a whole shipment of these in about a week if anyone is wants some then email me and ill see what i can do. have fun. mo@burntmail.com

  • Cathy

    I'm way behind. I've just returned from the States to Hertford, England having discovered Cinnamon and Wintergreen flavour - both are brilliant. I would love to try ginger flavour (yes, I too love ginger).Can all these flavours be bought in England or does the Welshman sell them at the Altoids factory? (Wales for worldcup).

  • James

    HAH! Through this hilarious web phenomenon, I find other like-minded souls--people who can experience and appreciate that heightened pleasure in what the masses regard as at best mundane, at worst repulsive--spiced candy! The kind of heighted pleasure that brings about such obsessive Spiced-Candy Quests. Cheers to you all!

    When I too most unexpectedly found those wonderful Ginger Altoids Christmas Day '02 at a Dallas 7-11 half-price/close-out counter, I excitedly bought that lone remaining box. A one-dollar Christmas gift to myself, I ate 80% that day and then tried to conserve the rest, but, alas, that tin was empty by New Years. Found them again 6 months later unexpectedly at another 7-11, and readily paid full price for their entire stock of 5 tins. Their general unavailability is frustrating--especially with the omnipresence of the those regular flavor altoids at every store checkout. What's the deal Collard & Bowser?! Spearmint (merely pleasant) just doesn't do it. We don't need Sours--We gots to have GINGERS!!!!!!!!

    Another unsatisfied spiced-candy-quest obsession: Blackjack (licorice) gum & Clove gum -- its manufacturer puts it on the market only for brief and infrequent (once a decade or so) special promotions. Why are we forced to go on these Spiced-Candy Quests--Can't we just walk into

    a Safeway and just pick up ONE item at the checkout like a [normal] person?!

    [Rant Ended--back to work]

  • welshman


  • stephen

    my wife loves ginger. I found some @ a 7 - 11 store in gardena california. But they have no more.

  • MacLir

    I think Sashafoo was right. A local supermarket chain got some in "in a drop shipment" and I've been after them ever since for more.

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