Ginger Altoids! Why wasn’t I informed?

  • Just a note to latecomers that I actually did end up finding them. They seem to be a seasonal thing, rotating in and out of the 7-11 inventory. I wasn't sure at first but it's been over a year now and I've seen it cycle three times now.

  • Loki

    I know there are Ginger Altoids, or once were, because I saw them at 7-11 and bought at least one tin per week for two months. Then they just disappeared and the Altoids site even fails to acknowledge their existence.

    I did recently find them on E-Bay, but they're ridiculously expensive. Hope this helps.

  • Where did you find them? I haven't seen them yet, but there are certainly web references out there.

  • The only Altoids regulary available here are the mint ones.

    Not fair. *pouts*

  • Jim
  • TheCheerfulOne

    Too busy waiting for wasabi altoids...

  • The tangerine sours are awesome. I have to restrain myself from eating an entire tin in a day. The ginger altoids are very potent. However, we have a tin or two here, so you're welcome to come over, yukino.

  • P

    mmmm! gotta try those!

  • OMG, those Ginger Altoids will seriously Kick Your Ass. I went to dinner with my husband's family and those were passed around after by my father-in-law. I am proud to say I persevered until the end, while my husband and brother-in-law couldn't hang. Wusses!

    Have you tried the new Altoids Tangerine Sours? Your face will pucker in on itself until your lips come out the back of your head. They're really good.

  • Jim


    Where. Can. I. Get. Some?

  • freesia

    nobody told you because ginger is gross and the very idea of giner altoids makes me want to go brush my tongue with rubbing alcohol.

  • yukino

    What I meant to say is: I just had one. Must get my own tin, like immediately.

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