Wrong message


We’ve just all been given baby rattles to shake at the company meeting tomorrow. I mean, yes, they come in a variety of “tasteful” highlighter pen colors and have that fancy little butterfly logo on them, but in the end they’re still baby rattles.

It’s kind of deliciously appropriate, since as a division, we’re the one that spends all day suckling at the corporate teat without contributing too much in return. Still, I’m not too sure if that’s the message we want to emphasize to the powers that be!

Ah, corporate life.

  • Pimp hats? Sweet.

    I still have my neon green shirt, from, what, two years ago? I can't believe they thought I would ever wear that.

  • rosebaby

    at least you don't have to wear neon green shirts (well, i actually think we're off the hook for that this year) but you get the point. apparently there was an email going around about having our org wear *pimp hats*. i kid you not.

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