Golden Citrus Blend KitKats


Omg creamsicle.


Golden Citrus Blend KitKats

Shikoku is a region known for producing mandarins and sour citrus fruits like sudachi, and yuzu. This limited edition KitKat highlights sudachi and mandarin orange, as well as lemon. The fragrance and flavor, combined with the white chocolate base, pretty much exactly resemble a creamsicle. Was I complaining about fruit flavors the other day? Because if you know me, I’m a cheap date if you’ve got orange cream.

Ew, that sounds about a thousand times grosser than it was when I thought it.

ANYWAY. The bars are pale orange, like you might expect, and the initial flavor is quite sweet, but smooth. What really wins is the aftertaste, which is subtly tart with bitter overtones, very much reminiscent of zest or candied peel. The effect is almost effervescent, without being as in-your-face as the Lemon Squash KitKats from a couple years back. And I’m kind of glad there’s some exotic fruit in here. I’ve been wanting to try a yuzu-based KitKat for a while, and sudachi is a nice substitute.

I’ve only got two more left to try in the motherlode. I’m already worrying about finding a new source! But it’s been a nice run.

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