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Well, since the pain hasn’t started yet, I can happily say that so far, this is the prettiest migraine I’ve ever had…

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  • SB


  • I know what a pretty migraine is exactly. At 50 yrs of age I have had now 35 years of migraines and now they arrive seperated: I either have the occular effects, or the pain. I can actually tolerate the pain much better. My personal cure for migraines is a dark room, and a glass of soy milk.

  • Lasting since Jan.25 it may be pretty but it must still be a hell of a migraine.

  • vanlal

    You may have already seen this advert. for the 350D/Rebel XT. It brought a smile to my lips.

    I hope things are better with you.

  • j david

    /me massages yuki's temples...

    a present for you:


  • pixel

    Grawr. Poor Yuki.

  • migraines are no fun at all. hang in there.

  • oh yikes. :(

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