I can unabashedly recommend The Incredibles and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. Completely, utterly devoid of hackery.

Also not hackish, Katamari Damacy is just the best thing ever — one of those games I get so into that when I can close my eyes, I can see the game running there. People around me think I’m a freak because I’m constantly humming the theme song without realizing it. Somebody hook me up with a place to get the soundtrack. Please??

  • How wonderful it is! Today, I had seen the film - "The Incredibles" this afternoon, My father also had seen this film in this evening. This cartoon movie is powered by Disney-Pixar.

    In this film, I love the people's sensation, scene, bugbears. The scene is so sublime.

    With the great imagination.

  • Aster

    I haven't played it, but the first thing that popped into my head when reading that blurb about Katamari Damacy was Steve Martin in The Jerk.

    "The ashtray and the paddle game and that's all I need. And this remote control." Only slightly relevant, but I chuckled.

    The Incredibles was great.

  • Katamari Damacy may be more mainstream than you think. Entertainment Weekly recommends the soundtrack "Katamari Fortissimo Damacy" from play-asia.com.

  • Well, I would recommend hitting up either music stores based in Japan or stores that specialize in importing music from Japan. I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon Japan, HMV Japan, or some place along those lines would have it. You just need to put a little effort into finding it.

    Of course, you're more than likely to have to pay through the nose for it - the standard $30-ish for the CD + shipping.

  • yukino

    Hi underbunny! Glad to be back :)

    (Everyone should go see her photos on flickr -- they are transcendently beautiful)

    Louis, I really liked it. I think it may be Wes Anderson's best yet, but it's definitely different from his others.

  • Woo-hoo! The Incredibles rocked my world!

    So you claim The Life Aquatic is good too, eh? I may have to go see that.

  • ...ugh, wish I could edit my comments.

  • ...I love that game something powerful!

    ...& I've had the themesong (& one other, from the 1m goal level) stuck in my head too.

    If I ever find the soundtrack, you'll be the first to know. :)

    ...I'm happy to see you're around again, by the way.

    The comments section of your photos didn't seem an appropriate place to tell you so.

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