Quickies, or what happens when I work too much instead of writing:

Seattle’s 25th consecutive day of rain was not an ideal time for my windshield wipers to break. Yuck. And apparently we’re closing in on a record with the rain thing, though you wouldn’t expect it.

Is it possible for me to tell you that I’m getting addicted to board games without sounding like a total geek? Double yuck.

My poor little laptop is worrying me with lots of loud clicking coming from the hard disk. Yuck!!

But there are good things too: thank you to the lovely person who found my Amazon wishlist and sent me Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. Also to the divine quartet who gifted Teavana’s tea-of-the-month club, which apparently began in earnest with a knock on the front door this morning. How great is that?

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  • There was a day without rain, but that wasn't the end of it. Last night was really scary! Lots of howling wind and sheets of rain.

    Actually, I'm hoping the laptop just dies so I can send it in to get it fixed. That would be better than the constant worrying that things are right on the edge of death.

  • How about that rain? :( It must be depressing, but I suppose that's a little aloof coming from an east-coaster like me, and I'm sorry for it.

    Board games rock. Laptops are cheap these days! No yucks allowed! :)

  • Albeit shallow of me, that book just zoomed to the top of my wishlist when I read one of the reviewers suggest that Haibane Renmei was influenced by it. I was much impressed with the anime. I'm due for a good read.

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