Vacation poll


Quick poll: On the off-chance that I should be able to get vacation days during next week, should I go to (a) San Francisco, or (b) Boston?

Alternatively, I could sit and gather dust at home.

  • cheerful1

    My condo isn't clean...I'd be forced to clean it. Go to San Fran...much cleaner...did you end up in Boston...should I feel miserable and horrid? Should I become a Tibetan nun and live in a cave?

    Oh man...am I out of it....

  • SFO, definitely! While it might be raining and a little cool here, it's freakin' SNOWING in Bahstun. You might even see the sun here!

    If you don't get blown away, and your hotel has power. No, just kidding!


  • Go to SF, if you can take me with you!

  • trackjack

    SF without question!!

    Come meet some GNE buddies over ginger mojitos at Absinthe... and/or check out the manga exhibit that's on in Japantown through Feb 1.

  • crash course

    Gather dust.

    It's even cheaper than flying to SFO. ;)

    But if you *have* to go somewhere - definitely SFO. It's cheaper, and there's none of that "white stuff" there. :)

  • susan

    San Francisco. Then you can visit me! And we can go to the Lush store.

  • mojito

    SFO's the way to go. Snow? Take a side trip to Tahoe. Come kick back with me [and trackjack] in North Beach - there's a [beverage of your choice] with your name on it. Plus: the new Lush shop just opened in Union Square...

  • Eglantine

    Whereever you can get plane tix for at this short notice, silly!

  • SFO. Then go to Postrio's for breakfast and Masa's for dinner.


    Then come visit us on the way back!

  • freesia

    San Fran. Go visit my friends Nonoko and Maryann. It'll be great!

  • Jet

    Oh but wait. Someone still hasn't gotten their official documents replaced... awww.

    In that case, VEGAS!

  • Jet

    And it's more miles. You might make 1P!

  • Jet

    Buenos Aires. It's almost summer, you can get by on $10 a day, and the women are bountiful. It says so in the tourist guide. Plus, tango.

  • Boston! Snow!

  • San Fran. It's cheaper, closer (less travel time) and the weather will be nicer.

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