Better research

I pulled a total Michele Bachmann and ended up at John Wayne Gacy Airport by mistake.


further affronts

On skywind’s recommendation I bought a Targus stylus for the iPad, and today I was playing around with both it and the symmetry brush tool in Sketchbook Pro. I really like the feel of the stylus, but it is a bit like drawing with a pencil eraser. I’m not sure I’ll ever have enough fine-grained control with it to contemplate drawing fingers.


A lot of the weirdness comes from the symmetry, but obviously I continue to lack a basic grasp of human anatomy. Still, that’s what practice is for, I guess!

By the way, I used to have a link to the NSFW original version here, but it was just too horrible to keep up. If you still want to see it I guess you can email me.


The July ’11 KitKat Report

I know I’ve been promising a KitKat entry for awhile now, but there’s going to be a little bit sleight of hand tonight. Please keep your eyes on my attractive assistant as I…

What? No attractive assistant?

Sigh. Well, the real story is that I misplaced my notes on the haul I purchased at Bellevue Uwajimaya’s grand opening celebration. Fortunately, I did find a bag of “Desert Assortment” KitKats there over the weekend, so! Here we are, as if nothing ever happened!


Custard Pudding KitKats

I guess “custard pudding” is conceptually like flan, indeed, the first thing you notice when tearing open the wrapper is a super-cloying, somewhat artificial caramel scent. It pretty much tastes like it smells — a super-sweet, vanilla-esque flavor followed by a really long aftertaste of caramel. It’s almost a little smoky, like maple syrup, but it’s hard to tell after your taste buds are blown out by sugar.

I’ve never really been a fan of these super-sweet KitKats, and I’m not this time, either. I’d really love to be able to taste something balanced and smooth like the chestnut flavor again.

Tiramisu KitKats

Full disclosure: I am not a coffee drinker. I usually can’t stand it, and especially not in desserts. Tiramisu has probably been the least offensive coffee-based dessert in my experience, but I wouldn’t ever call myself a fan.

Now, you may remember that all the way back in 2006 I tried some limited edition British Big Kat bars, one of which was tiramisu. I remember it being pretty authentically flavored and, well, tasty. I didn’t have the same reaction at all to this one, and I don’t know if it’s the flavor or me that’s changed in the meantime.

I’m pretty sure the main problem is whatever they’re using to simulate the liquor flavor. Whatever it is, it doesn’t react well with the other flavor components, and affects the smell too. Not really sure how to describe the odor. Musty, maybe? All I know is I opened the wrapper and nearly gagged. Let’s just say that “musty” is not a word I want in my candy descriptions! The taste’s a little bit better, but still weird — there are times when the flavor does recall tiramisu, but it keeps changing in the mouth, occasionally transforming into that same weird flavor-smell.

I normally like being girl reporter on the KitKat beat, but this time I’m really wishing I’d bought the kinako Aero bars instead. Anyone fancy an Aero blog?

Addendum (2012/1/11): I have to revise my opinion here, having had another chance to try the tiramisu. There may have been something off about my palate that day, but it now tastes very authentic to me. It may help that in the intervening months I’ve developed a taste for coffee, which helps, but I think it was the liquor flavor that I found off-putting the first time, and this time it was fine.

So! With the caveat that your appreciation may wax and wane with the seasons, I now have to change my verdict on tiramisu to a “recommend.”

More Japanese KitKats.

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