further affronts


On skywind’s recommendation I bought a Targus stylus for the iPad, and today I was playing around with both it and the symmetry brush tool in Sketchbook Pro. I really like the feel of the stylus, but it is a bit like drawing with a pencil eraser. I’m not sure I’ll ever have enough fine-grained control with it to contemplate drawing fingers.


A lot of the weirdness comes from the symmetry, but obviously I continue to lack a basic grasp of human anatomy. Still, that’s what practice is for, I guess!

By the way, I used to have a link to the NSFW original version here, but it was just too horrible to keep up. If you still want to see it I guess you can email me.

tags: art

  • First off, I like this picture; thanks for sharing it.

    Is she lifting that bar? If so, she's doing terrible things to her knees -- her knees should be on or outside the line from her hips to her feet.

  • Thanks!!

    The bar is just a terrible addition after the fact, after I realized with some panic that I wasn't going to be able to draw fingers with the stylus. I have no idea what she's doing with it. And yes, her knees make me hurt just looking at them.

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