Also, the sandals


Saw this Three Wolf Moon shirt in the wild, worn (seemingly) without irony, at the Museum of Natural History. Keep on rocking, German tourists!


Hello, Connecticut


This is a real thing, that people pay for.


Tourism update

Brunch at Five Points in NoHo - smoked salmon / egg salad sandwich. Totally delicious!


Spent the rest of the morning at Google New York, which is insane. I have no idea what it must be like to get to work in a place like that every day. Best of all, I got to see Nina and Aaron which was basically two giant Lego happy faces. Love!

Then, tourism:


From the High Line, which is basically a block west from Google, you can see this sign. I’m so happy! And you guys, this park is so beautiful. I wish I could spend the rest of the summer here.

But. I wish I’d brought a real camera. I actually have nightmares about things like this, and now it’s happened.

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