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It’s been a long time, for sure. I think I’ve actually been over-sharing greatly, somewhere else, and I haven’t much felt like I had any more to give. So apologies — I’m still alive.

Remember Thirty Pages? Wow, did I crash hard after that. Honestly haven’t drawn a single scribble since then, but I had a feeling that would all change now that…

… drum roll …

I own an iPad 2! Right, I know, evil empire and everything, but it was just so shiny. Also there are long plane trips in my future and I’m good at, um, rationalizing. I’m really, really happy with it, except… well, all that creativity that was going to flow kind of got sidetracked by Words With Friends (I’m iƤnthe, by the way, if you want to play!). Still, last night I did download Sketchbook Pro, and I really like it.

First try:


Ooh, look at her, picking all the default brushes! Next, I’ll be changing this blog over to Papyrus. Then you’ll be sorry!

It was really fun to scribble again. Finger-painting feels a little odd, so I think I may invest in one of those Bamboo styluses for the iPad. Anyone try one out? Good? Also, what painting programs do you like?

I’ll have a KitKat report out soon, promise.

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  • So cool to see your sketch here. Yay for shiny new toys! I want an ipad too but I can't rationalize it yet for my lifestyle. Still...I imagine I'll succumb and buy a tablet in the next few years. :-)

  • Honestly, I wasn't sure what I'd do with it, but using it as a sketchbook / notebook is an idea that's really compelling to me. I don't have a 3G model so its use as a browsing device on the go is kind of limited, but at home it makes a nice couch potato PC. It helps that I'm completely addicted to Words With Friends too!

  • Hi! It's lovely to see your art on my flist. :)

  • Thank you, sweetie! I still think they're embarrassingly bad, but they are fun to draw!

  • skywind8

    I might be one of the only people around using a stylus on an iphone... I'm using the Targus stylus and I love it. The feel is just right and the rounded foam end makes it easy to use at any angle (which I discovered is important). It glides across the surface with very low friction which helps a lot. I am using it to trace hiragana letters, and I've used it for art apps as well.

    I contrasted it with a more "shaped" harder stylus which I found I didn't like because it forced the angle of the pen and wasn't as smooth. Also the lack of a sufficiently wide surface means skipped ink in drawing; the half-sphere foam tip really is ideal for maintaining a wide base of contact but with a very crisp center.

  • Ooh, thanks for sharing! Out of curiosity, which harder stylus did you look at?

  • shaun

    I love that picture! It doesn't even look like it was done on a computer.

  • Yay! Glad you like the iPad. I have an older model, but don't remember which was my favorite drawing app. I hope you feel like sharing a future drawing from your iPad, I'd love to see what changes from this one.

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