Reunions and unions


Dinner last night was a lovely little crêperie called Bouchée, just opened on Fremont Ave (a block or so north of the bridge), where lish, Klar, Jet and I reminisced and had a little bit too much fun with glo-stick haloes. Everything about the restaurant was adorable; for example, the dijon that accompanied K’s caramelized-onion-and-gruyere dinner crêpe came in a tiny little ceramic stein with a minute wooden spoon for scooping (all of this was about one-inch in scale). The decor, very French, very Moulin Rouge, was supplied by hard-working folks from Annex Theatre.

Helped lish set up her new domain and blog using Movable Type. Leave her a comment, she’s been waiting for this for awhile!

Tomorrow is the wedding of Nonours and Elaine, up in Vancouver. Somehow I was appointed de facto “official” film photographer, so I need to buy some equipment and brush up my technique, which is v. rusty. Hopefully it’ll be sunny tomorrow (today’s not making that look likely). This will be the first time I’ll be going up to Canada since last winter’s misfortune (losing my passport a second time), but here’s hoping everything goes smoothly. B.’s flying in tonight for the occasion; expect good times to be had by all.

By the way, stalking planes is fun!

Toying with the idea of driving to Washington’s coast on Sunday. Possible that with tomorrow’s festivities I’ll be way too worn out for it to be doable, but there’s an unwritten rule that every time Jet visits something insane involving a car has to happen. Past exploits include:

  • A daytrip around the entire Cascade Loop (400 mi), back in time for incoherent bowling.
  • Mount Rainier and Vancouver in the same day.
  • Trip to Portland for pizza.
  • &c., which I can’t remember right now.

We had an aborted attempt yesterday, which ended when Jet fell asleep (still lagged and somewhat on Shanghai time) heading over Snoqualmie Pass. No idea what we would have done east of the mountains anyways, so no big loss.

Whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll have more to report after the wedding. See you then!

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