NaNoWriMo 2005


Okay, lovelies, since I’m attempting NaNoWriMo again this year after a couple years’ hiatus, I’m going to revive an old idea.

Just leave a comment to this entry with an interesting plot or character idea, and I promise to incorporate it into this year’s novel. For examples, you can look at what people suggested the last time I did this. Didn’t nearly make the goal that year (life intervened, natch), but it was some of the most fun I’ve had writing.

I only ask one thing: please, no inflatable love sheep this year. Unless you’re really dying for something like that, in which case… no, in fact, I don’t actually want to know.

Anyone else signed up to write? Let’s huddle! I need the support.

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  • terpel

    persimmons. Not the hard american kind, but the melting-soft japanese kind. so soft and ripe you almost have to eat it with a spoon. a character should savor one, slowly, for two hundred words.

  • My vote is for relentless breaking of "the wall" - characters talking to the reader directly, the reader jumping into the novel by becoming a character, etc.

  • inflatable love gerbils


  • Remember, dear yuki, just over 24 hours left before you can begin!

  • lia

    I want Jarvis and bacon to make cameos in your novel! I'm easy to please.

  • Vanlal

    Reflecting on pastilla's note, I think that you weave elegant, sophisticated stoies with your photos. Perhaps you should flesh out some of them with words?

    For starters, how about a Banksian SF tale based on these?

  • hanseth

    Reincarnation, because I'm fascinated by and was just thinking about it. Perhaps the ability to choose how you come back after death.

    The color orange.

  • I will be participating (and winning) this year, so I'm in on the support side, yuki.

    As for ideas, I haven't any to share yet. Oh, except maybe that you might want to have a red balloon in it somewhere, somehow.

  • i havn't heard of this before but saying that i've just signed up and i'm going to give it a go as it looks like fun!

    ideas for you.... set in the present day, main character discovers they can stop time by erm.... something, i'm not sure what, a song, tosing a particular coin, flicking a light switch 16 times, that bit needs work i guess but anyhow they can stop time so everything but themselves stops, like a paused world. only thing is, the amount of time everything freezes for is random, could be 10 days, could be 10 seconds theres just no way of knowing! or is there?

    hows that for a quite shoddy ,badly thought up, spur of the moment plot ;)

  • pastilla

    My favorite aspect of your writing is your ability to transition between reality and the dreams of a lost child. Your photography also has that mysterious, dreamy (and often wistful) quality.

    I'd like to see you combine the two; possibly a traumatized (young?) girl cropping photographs, subconsciously piecing together the parts of a significant, recurring dream/memory/premonition?

  • I don't think I've signed up yet but I am intending on trying again this year.

  • Kim

    I'll do it if you do!! Or at least make a good attempt.

    I suggest a rewritten fairy tale, so that you have your framework. Sleeping beauty? :) Lots of themes of despair vs. good there.

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