I thought I would get some sleep


Movable Type 2.5 is out, with lots of new features. I think I’ve finally managed to upgrade the site to the latest and greatest, but let me know if you encounter problems. I know the search templates look awful, but I’ll get around to fixing that at some point — somewhere between work, GNE, and setting up a ten-year high school reunion website (gack!!).

On the blog update front, c has a blog. sonjet’s has a new home. Read it, it’s lovely. Jimmy Carter doesn’t have a blog but he has a brand spanking new Nobel Peace Prize, which I think is really cool so I’ll mention it here anyways.

B. arrives in just over nineteen hours. I am excited and completely stressed out at the same time, which usually happens because I know there’s probably more than nineteen hours of cleaning I have to accomplish before then. Wish me luck!

  • T.P. Camarones

    Hey! Why is this asking me if I want to accept a security certificate when I post comments in here?

  • cookie

    Oh no. I have a blog.

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