Thirty pages, day 24


Day 24: in which, dissatisfied, she tries again.


Back to the pens & more of a manga aesthetic, I guess. Can’t really think of too much to say. I don’t love it, but no fixies is kind of the inherent problem with ink.

Oh, and clearly the blank stare is a facial expression I really need to grow out of.

  • sjon

    The blank stare is not really the problem, she should look blank and un emotinal.

    I think it's more the mouth. It looks to cute and soft for a fighting woman.

  • Kim

    Her expression isn't blank! It's mysterious. And I have this quote from Forgetting Sarah Marshall in my head:

    Kunu: It looks like you got a little pain behind those eyes.

    Peter: Yeah, maybe a little.

    Kunu: There's really only one cure for that.

    Peter: Yeah, what's that?

    Kunu: Weed. You got any?

    *grin* It's great you keep going.

    Though the swords confused me a bit, because with the blood there, the sheaths are not totally clear.

  • I think the main problem is that most pictures of her I've seen don't have any sheaths -- her skin is usually uncovered and the blades come right out of it (thus the blood). My brush wasn't fine enough for me to be anything but clumsy drawing the exit point. :/

  • Edit: I just uploaded a slightly more finished and re-cropped (outwards) version.

  • Vanlal

    Where is it? Did you replace the old one? There seems to be a bit more whalebone showing.

    The blood dripping down her arm is a bit icky.

  • The original is still on the server, here. The blood is supposed to be icky! Only, it doesn't look much like blood. :p

  • I think the corset may not be obvious enough to not look weird at first glance.

  • I'm torn, I love corsets, but X-23 shouldn't look so busty, she's lithe.

  • I know! It was probably wishful thinking to think people wouldn't notice her bust being too big.

  • Vanlal

    Whalebone of course? It has an amusing 'cupid's bow' outline.

  • I love that you're following through with the project, regardless of how you feel about the illustration. I love the shape of her head, hair and clavicle. Also like how you treat the blades.

  • Vanlal

    I agree. Especially like her eyes. That's not a blank stare.

  • pastilla

    What he said (above).

    Is this the one you didn't like? Interesting. Even though it's different from your usual style, it has sort of an Apartment 3-G vibe that I like.

  • Apartment 3-G! I only wish I could draw that '50s kind of Mad Men vibe.

    As for not liking it, it grew on me overnight. It looks much better cropped like this though -- her other arm is a disaster.

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