Thirty pages, day 25


Day 25: karaoke night. Only five more days!


This is the third sketch I finished last night. Two of them were abject disasters and I’m not at all happy with this one, either. Also, what is she wearing, a black dress or a knit tank and sweats? When you can’t tell, that should maybe a sign.

Also I can tell in advance that David is going to have a problem with this one. In my defense, I can only say: television screen.

  • sjon

    Not a fighting girl ... well not with guns of knives ... ^_~

  • lori

    It's definitely a black knit dress, poly/lycra blend. And that is totally Sandra Bernhard.

  • pastilla

    I think she has either spilled a drink on one breast or had one thrown at her. If she is singing "Feelings," I guess the latter.

  • Lori

    I think she's slaughtering Big Spender.

  • pastilla

    yes! yes! And when she sings "The minute you walked in the joint," she minces around and pumps her arms in an affected way.

  • Hey now, you've never see me sing Big Spender. I knock it out of the park!

  • pastilla

    Hey, wait. No one said anything about a self-portrait. If this is the case, I withdraw any and all previous observations.

  • Ha, no, that was a bit of a troll. I wish!

  • This made me giggle out loud. (gol?)

  • Vanlal

    errr... She looks like she's wearing something completely diaphanous. Whatever it is, the lighting flatters her terribly. ;-)

    I don't think you should blame yourself for a bad day. I can see some of the things you were trying to do. Looking forward to day 26.

  • Karaoke has television screens. In front.

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