Token effort


I wish I were…

… but not like this.

Busy busy and sore eyes sore. Hence this token effort, but sometimes you need to push off a little or risk sitting forever, sunk halfway below ground.

Overheard: “…that’s bad, because flying is a terrible hobby to suck at.”

Spent too much time trying to get LiveJournal and OpenID signins working for commenting here, thanks to Mark Paschal’s’s nifty OpenID Comments plugin (version 1.2 is bundled with MT3.2). It still won’t work correctly if your LJ name is too long (for example, neon_epiphany), but Mark’s next release should fix that. In the meantime, feel free to give it a whirl.

Have also been helping out behind the scenes at Strange Horizons, which has been secretly titillating. I mean, talk about rock stars!

Latest rumor is that Miyazaki may be planning to adapt the Earthsea cycle. Probably nothing to it, but wouldn’t that be a thing?

…other than that, really liked American Splendor, am starting Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and may soon be joining the modern age and getting a cameraphone. Maybe.

As for poor Ariadne, she’s still finding her way out.

  • Vanlal

    Here's the link that I intended to post. :P

  • Vanlal

    Ariadne needs to get a clue! :-)

    Re: Miyazaki

    I printed a fiendishly complex cutout of Howl's Moving Castle that I hope to complete (along with the real one) before the New Year. Craft imitating life?

    Re: eyes

    Rose-petals, crushed and chilled (not frozen) overnight in the freezer. Works wonders!

  • Testing with OpenID Comments 1.3!

  • Kallese

    “…that’s bad, because flying is a terrible hobby to suck at.”

    ooohahah :D

    Thank you for the Monday morning laugh :)

  • *bon courage* to ariadne ...

  • Overheard: “…that’s bad, because flying is a terrible hobby to suck at.”

    gulp! thats not the sort of thing you really want to hear!

    hope you're ok, but here's some big *hugs* from the uk just in case :)

  • sue


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