Thirty pages, day 23


Day 23: again with the comics.


This is where trying to come up with poses without benefit of a reference image shows its disadvantages. Clearly I’ve a long way to go when it comes to action scenes.

X-23 for day 23. I’d never actually heard of her, so when David requested I try my hand I had to do a little crash course on the character. The short of it is that she’s basically a female clone of Wolverine. The long story is, well, I had to stop reading because my head hurt — never try to read a vita of any particular comic-book superhero, since they’re all pretty much insane. The perils of trying to find ways of saving the world on a monthly basis, I guess!

She doesn’t look much like X-23 here. In fact, I probably could have lied and told you this was Xena instead, or maybe Elektra on a bad day, and you would have believed it. Obviously I need to work on drawing cute goth clothes.

I also need to work on not taking two days per sketch. Eyes on the prize, Eden. You’re almost there.

  • sjon

    I like that skirt.

  • I think it's really wonderful! Well done. I'm amused that you think the leather arm protectors make her less Xena-like.

  • Hee! No, the one up right now is still the original Xena-like one.

  • Thank you, thank you!

  • Something on the posture, she sort of curves/slants to the right. I noticed it in an earlier sketch as well. Also the shape of the ankle is a bit weird, I would expect the boot to not contour like that.

    Please do not get me wrong, I love these, I am just trying to provide some constructive feedback.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it.

    I mostly think there's something wrong with her head or neck. It's driving me a little batty. I also did some work on the drawing afterward in an attempt to make her less Xena-like, maybe I'll post that too.

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