Thirty pages, day 21


Day 21: in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Trying for an anime/manga style this time, so we’re not exactly swimming in verisimilitude here. Sorry, just wasn’t in the mood for scurvy and rotting teeth today. Maybe imagine she’s an sky pirate on a ship outfitted with a full-service salon, pillaging the penthouse suites of the rich and famous — I call her “Big Bad Stilla” of the airship “Le Mannequine,” in honor of my favorite sea dog.

Today’s main points of concentration: fabric, pose, foreshortening, costume design. If I squint, I think maybe my foreshortening works for once. Yes, I know her hands need something to do. I have no idea what a bad-ass anime sword looks like anymore — except for Cloud’s, which I think we would all agree would be a mistake. So! There you go.


  • this is my favourite one so far! i kind of imagine her holding a pole type thing, like a staff or something, although that might just be me mixing up wizards and pirates......

  • Absolutely nothing should prevent the drawing of wizard pirates. WIZARD PIRATES. You see?

  • pastilla

    I was temporarily blinded and giddy from my new light therapy lamp and must have missed this homage on Plurk . . . thank you to DBlume for bringing this oversight to my attention. It would have been tragic to miss this day!

    What I see first and foremost is her fist, ready to flatten the first person who comments on the boob lighting.

  • Yay! I'm so glad you like it!

  • sjon

    yay for the Zeppelin-pirates ^_^

    Could be a grappling-hook she's holding rather then a sword.

  • Ooh, that's actually a great idea and would fit with her hand positions.

  • lori

    She looks like her hand is in the return of a jab, so I think her hands are doing something. They just kicked ass.

  • I really appreciated the foreshortening, even before I saw you mentioned it. Well done!

  • davidd

    Her face is SO pretty! And that asymmetrical, angular hair style TOTALLY works for me! I really like the texture & shading in her vest, too.

    Very nice work on both "fabric" and "costume design."

  • Thank you!! I've been working on the "pretty face" thing. :)

  • Vanlal

    She has very shapely fingers!

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