The matcha Aero report


My routine when visiting Richmond, British Columbia always involves making the rounds looking for interesting KitKat flavors. I’ve always been able to find something new, but maybe it’s a dry spell in Japan, or maybe the fact that Japanese KitKats have started popping up at Uwajimaya — I ended up being a sad panda today.

I found these, though!


Matcha green tea Aero! I’d gone from really loving Aero bars from my first taste — orange, in England in 1995 — to not liking them much at all after the huge disappointment of sticky toffee. Not finding any KitKats made me v. receptive to giving Aero another chance, and well — I’ll try just about anything flavored with green tea. So that helped with the wooing.


The bag contains eighteen individually-wrapped mini bars, each about an inch long. They’re pretty sweet; not nearly as sweet as the sticky toffee, thank goodness, but almost on the other side of where I like it. The small size definitely keeps it livable, though! The matcha flavor is very, very, subtle, manifesting more as a feeling of mellowness rather than anything explicitly leafy — seriously, blink & you’ll miss it — but enough to distinguish it from plain chocolate Aero.

I’ve really never been quite sure what effect the bubbles were supposed to have, but I do have to admit I’m a fan of the little melty cave-ins that play along my tongue as they pass over. Mmmm!

Okay, I admit it. I’m back on Team Aero.

As for KitKats, despite the expedition’s failure, I do have quite a backlog of flavors. I don’t want to bore you, though. Are you interested in reports?

  • I am so happy that you are blogging again.

  • sjon

    Yes, please, can we have reports?

    Now when will the web get <taste> </taste> tags?

  • pastilla

    I am interested in reports!

    (Many years ago they made coffee Aeros! They were so good!)

  • Lori


  • I'm interested! Let's work through that backlog of KitKats.

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