What’s on your bookshelf?


Remember that scene in Beauty and the Beast where the Beast surprises Belle with a gift of… well, an entire library? I was seventeen when that movie was released, but I already knew it was the most romantic thing I could ever think of. I don’t even know when it was I first imagined having a library of my very own, but I must have been very, very young.

About a year ago, I bought five IKEA bookshelves, with extensions, to install in the den — which was pretty much the first thing I did after acquiring said den. At the time, I think we talked about sharing pictures of our respective libraries. Problem was, I barely had any books at the time. I’d bought into a promise of a library rather than having one already.

After a year of opening long-sealed boxes and getting a shipment of a piano and all of my juvenilia from my parents (a story in itself), as well as buying a whole bunch of used books (have you noticed how many different Half Price Books mayorships I have on foursquare?), my dream’s looking a lot more fleshed out. So in the interests of starting a meme, here we go:


That’s the highest resolution I was able to get into one picture. Hopefully some of the titles are readable.

There are a lot of childhood / teen relics here, so this is slightly embarrassing. I already made sure anything involving, say, Francine Pascal or Ann M. Martin were culled before the package was even sent, but there’s still at least an entire shelf of embarrassing science fiction / fantasy I haven’t weeded out yet (hint: they tend to be grouped together). Also at least five shelves of actual children’s books that I just can’t get rid of. At least not yet!

So… now that that’s there for everyone to see, what’s on your bookshelf? I want to see!

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  • sjon

    When I get a new cammera I'll start shooting.

    But I don't havea library like that. I have a house full of books but not a library ...

  • Vanlal

    I had to chase a sparrow out of one of my shelves just now. Gives you some inkling of how chaotic my study must be. ;-)

  • Can I share my old bookshelf until I get new photos?

  • Surprisingly I have never taken a picture of my bookshelves from a straight angle. I should correct this. Sadly I doubt my point and shoot is high enough resolution for anything to be readable in one shot.

    I noted the Murakami collection and Kare Kano (of course), but sadly my eyes first went to Twilight.

  • *glare*

  • I feel like I need to point out that while there's an obvious bible or two there, less obvious are a qu'ran, the scripture of won buddhism, a book of mormon and the tao te ching. There was a time when I fancied studying comparative religion.

  • rachel

    Good heavens! The books are all so neatly arranged. I am very impressed and definitely never showing you what my bookshelves look like. ;)

  • Oh, believe me, I had to do some neatening up before I felt up to taking a picture! :)

  • Vanlal

    Amazing collection! <3

  • Lori

    Oh, FUN! My bookshelves are kind of bare, but give insight into what I consider vital to own :-)

  • Thank you for this! Honestly, I always see you checking in at bookstores (pretty much every day!) so now I know the story! <3

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