A business plan



#1 Bake banana bread.*
#2 Let cool.
#3 Slice.
#4 Toast.
#5 Butter.
#6 Drizzle with honey.
#7 Profit.

* I like this recipe from Food Network - simple & delicious.

  • a good buisness plan if ever i heard one :) it looks delicious.....

  • Lori

    This pic made my mouth water. A grown woman, and I drooled!

  • I probably shouldn't admit it, but I drool more often than I should. :)

  • /nom!

  • Vanlal


    Toasting is way better than zapping. Had leftover rum and chocolate cak e this morning at 6 am. Feel guilty.

  • Lori

    sinner ;-)

  • Vanlal

    saint! :-p

  • Lori

    Now I want some

  • I'll have some, too! Nom nom nom. (I admit to microwaving mine a slice at a time.)

  • PaulnuPhoto

    I do too

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