The Golden Compass

Terribly disappointed by the movie version of The Golden Compass. The whole thing was cut like a highlight reel — all action, zero contemplation — with scenes (such as in Mrs. Coulter’s lodgings), presented as actual montages, chirpy music and all! How one is supposed to be able to form an emotional reaction to this material in spite of all this is a mystery! The terrible dialogue didn’t help much, either. Was somewhat hoping for a make-up kiss of sorts when Daniel Craig would do his “thing” at the end, but then the movie just ended. Pffft!

Interesting that the US version credits “Northern Lights” as the original source material, as I’m not aware of its having been printed here under that name. Am pleased by that, of course — you’re looking at the woman, after all, who special-ordered the first Harry Potter movie from Canada in order to get her philosopher’s stone fix.

Am working my way through all six hundred-odd pages of Absolute Sandman #1, and have come to the realization that I’d really like to draw a comic myself. Just one page would be enough. Maybe one of these days…

It’s May, and Seattle is sunny at last, & plastered with pink:


Here’s to our first snow-free month of 2008. Please?


Today’s content free

French fries with smoked tea finishing salt. Mrowr.

Mario Batali at Café 34

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