Rose on Rose

By the way: Billie Piper in Mansfield Park? I found it on my TiVo this morning. How exciting!

  • pastilla

    I'll be interested to hear your opinion. Billie Piper was the best-ever Companion (!), but in a period piece . . . well?? . . . (I wanted to love her, I really did).

    Have you been following any anime lately? (I thought of you last month when I was home sick re-watching "His and Her Circumstance").

  • Eden

    I'll let you know as soon as I watch! I do admit that she looks a bit out of place on the box art.

    I haven't seen any anime at all lately, not for lack of desire. I just have no idea what's what anymore. Part of me is scared of becoming "that old fan" who doesn't know anything that's current. Any recommendations?

  • pastilla

    Oh, I have a gentle, lovely one :) 5 Centimeters per Second was just released this month.

  • Eden

    That looks amazing! I'll have to seek it out.

  • sue

    I recommend you have easy access to the one with frances o'connor for afterwards

  • Eden

    Oh, I do! I've had it off the shelf for awhile now, intending to watch again, which is why it was such a surprise to see this other version appear. Is it dreadful, then? So disappointing!

    I actually adore the Frances O'Connor one, as strange a version as it is. I'm not so much a stickler for authenticity as some, but I think it's more that I just really like Frances O'Connor.

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