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I love reading about everyone’s old things. What a great question of the day!

In my dreams, my home is full of ancient relics, a museum wonderland tour of human history. I’m an antiquarian at heart (or perhaps simply yearning to live out a childhood fantasy out of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler), but sadly, my (current) oldest possessions in reality are firmly modern — my father’s old Leica IIIf, from the mid-fifties, or ancient volumes of Gide and Omar Khayyam, picked up at secondhand shops but certainly no older than 1940.

But oh! To have an antique saltcellar, a cake of ambergris, a bottle of Pernod Fils. An astrolabe! Someday, someday…

  • That camera looks cool.

    Thanks for the invitation... :)

  • You know, now that you mention it, I can't think of much that I own that's particularly old, or much older than I am, for that matter.

    Probably my grandfather's handmade desk lamp that's in our library....or perhaps my grandmother's salt and pepper shakers. I imagine their age simply because of who they belonged to. It's definitely interesting to think about.

  • pastilla

    (Thank you for the Vox invitation)

    Ah, the beauty of a Leica lens. Such a satisfying click. And lovely, friendly nubbles.

    I have a few fossils: trilobites & redwood pieces, yet my favorite old thing is much younger: a 19th C communion set (a travelling version, for an itinerant priest: ancient mini-linens (with wine stains), tiny challice, unction flask, a silver host tray), all housed in a thick wooden box. (It was a family item belonging to a precious relative.)

  • Remember what Jamie liked best? Sweat and complications.

    Hide out in?

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