Tiptoeing on glass


In Boston, and sick, dog sick, a miserable, all-too-familiar stomach sick. Usually I’m spared a day, a few hours, of peaceful vacationing before it pounces on me like an attention-starved cat — but not this time. I blame airplanes: the filthy, filthy beasts. It’s being stuck in a tin can for five hours breathing stale air infested with who knows how many strains of thisitis or thatococcus — a ripe agar, these modern comforts.

So I am up & unhappily awake. Elaine Pagels is on television, talking about the Gospel of Judas, which at least is good and fascinating. Half of this National Geographic special is a refresher class after reading The Gnostic Gospels, but I eat this stuff up (and am not presently in any condition to consume much else). Beyond Belief is in my travel case, though I cannot justify starting a book at this hour. Hopefully my body will settle down and I can get some rest, and just in time to travel again, too.

I like traveling. It’s the getting there I hate — which is, more or less, the story of my life.

  • Sorry! I was only in Boston overnight, and on very short notice. Took the Chinatown bus in.

    I was thinking I'd be able to come out again at the end of the month, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to. :/

  • Ana

    Damn. You were in Boston? =(

  • ::giggle:: I understand how that goes though; I love travelling, it's just the means of getting from point a to point b that's the trouble. ^^

    Then again, no faster or safer way to get from point a to point b than flying. ^^ I swear, one day someone will start an airline that specializes in spacious flights, clean planes, and breathable air. And they'll make a killing!

  • vanlal

    /me pokes Kyle in the eye.

    Warm H2O is what you need. Avoid the OH.

  • hanseth

    You're in Boston and you didn't poke me?!

  • SB

    How can you think so hard when you're so ill? Doesn't your brain get mushy?

    I hope this is a very, very brief episode -- especially since eating new food is one of the best parts of travelling.

  • The flu sucks, Yuki. I recommend vast quantities of alcohol to make your body an inhospitable host for the little buggers.

    Get well quickly!

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