The Fatty Crab


Back in New York, with a seriously flaky internet connection (but yay for a phone that doubles as a bluetooth modem, despite the constant drops), and — a now-slightly-less-flaky stomach!

Had dinner at the Fatty Crab, a Malaysian-inspired eatery in the West Village. Small and uncrowded on a Tuesday night, both the dining room and the dishes were colorful, quirky, and beautiful. Everything was really tasty, but I found myself seduced by the salty-sweet-sour fireworks of the watermelon pickle & crispy pork salad. The fatty duck was nicely seasoned and sat on a bed of surprisingly spicy white rice (only later did I notice thinly-sliced red peppers mixed in). The chili crab was… big, and v. messy. But also good!

Ahem. I’m not really feeling eloquent tonight, so I will just pepper your imaginations with photos:

[Watermelon pickle and crispy pork salad]
[Fatty duck]
[Chili crab]

(…can’t say I’m an expert, but I strongly suspect these dishes sit firmly on the “new wave” end of the authenticity scale!)

Hsiao-Ching Chou’s “You gotta try this” piece in the P-I is mostly old hat, but good lord, does this sound good. And frites! Is there any reason to ever leave Capitol Hill again?

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  • chook

    I was there the day before. I was horribly disappointed. There was no subtlety to the food. Hamfisted chef. The waiter was very nice though.

  • I wish I thought to bring a camera to these restaurants.

    I wish I had a tenth, a hundredth, a thousandth of your aesthetic sense.

    You're beautiful, yuki. Thank you. You teach me more about flow in one post than most so-called teachers can in a year.

  • ::drool::

    Oh my goodness-ALL OF THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS. I have to say, I immediately would have been suspicious of the watermelon pickle and crispy pork salad, but it looks really delicious, and the contrast of flavors must have been interesting. ^^

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