Want want want


Omigosh — time to buy a new computer, I guess!

See you tomorrow, with (hopefully, if the weather’s nice) photos from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!

…and what’s with all the comment spammers coming out of the woodwork lately?
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  • SB

    Those tulip festival photos are marvelous -- we are still in crocus time over here. Pretty fancy commenting box, here. Wow. Room for more tabs, too. Now let's see if CoComment works here --

    & now we know -- the comment went to CoComment, but did not go here.

  • oooh! that tulip festival looks wonderful! i'll be looking forward to the pictures too :)

  • ::giggle:: This makes my recent MacBook Pro purchase THAT much more worthwhile. ^^

  • vanlal

    Mac lust!

    Looking forward to the photos. I was afraid you'd given up photography for Lent.

  • The comment spammers have been making me one depressed blogger lately. I'm seriously eyeing whatever switch you pull to just turn off commenting altogether. Sigh. Humanity. Sigh.

    Yeah, Boot Camp is craziness, no?

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