Musubi Musashi


Oh! Spam musubi, how could I have forgotten you? No list of favorite dishes can go without.

Twenty-Five for $25 is over. We’ve now been to over twenty of the listed restaurants (though not all in this month!), so at this rate by the time December rolls around they’ll all have been hit. This March’s biggest hit has to have been Sazerac, whose complimentary corn pan bread was absolutely to die for — so soft, basically corn meal suspended in sweet butter — along with a wonderful entrée in cider glazed pork ribs (plentiful and oh-so-tender) accompanied by tangy green chile posole (if you know me, you know that’s all I had to hear!). Their gumbo was tasty, too, if unconventional; they used duck and other unexpected ingredients in the recipe. As far as gumbo goes, though, BJ’s will always be my first love.

Those who ordered chicken were less enthused, but. I mean, cider glazed pork ribs! They should’ve known better.

Other restaurants this month: Szmania’s (ordered off the regular menu, as I was in the mood for jägerschnitzel; very happy to have done so, though portion size was gargantuan), Nishino (pretty good, but think I’m becoming jaded by pretentious, haute cuisine sushi — give me fresh and simple any day), and Yarrow Bay Grill (everything sampled — calamari, crab cakes, asparagus soup, lamb stew, divers scallops — was quite tasty).

Have discovered Musashi’s in Wallingford, a busy hole-in-the-wall “Japanese diner” (to quote a friend), under weathered purple awning on 45th. Sushi selection is good, if limited; no frills, large cuts of fish, decently fresh. It’s no Shiki, but is decent, filling and cheap: a well-stocked nigiri plate goes for under ten dollars, while plump single pieces go for a buck and a half. Their bento box is even better, also under ten, but my favorite really has to be their onigiri (grilled salmon inside a rice-and-furikake-ball wrapped with nori) — big, tasty, and which give spam musubi competition in the race for best rice-based handheld snack (you get two for $2.75).

  • Spam musubi is one of the great, underappreciated delicacies of the world. I especially love them because I usually eat them on the golf course. The Newcastle Golf Club in Bellevue has pretty good spam musubi at the snack shop.

    Lovely with shoyu.

  • pastilla

    I'm so happy to see you back.

    No one can pick great-sounding entrees and write about them like you. :)))))))

  • Kee

    Hmmm.... crawfish and duck in the same gumbo??? That's pretty weird. Actually, I've never seen that in Louisiana, as seafood based and fowl based gumbos are generally kept seperate.

    But! One time I had a gumbo made with goose that had been marinated in some sort of blue berry reduction and smoked over pecan wood. There must have been sausages involved, maybe deer? I don't know. But, good God, was that gumbo delicious! There really is nothing like New Orleans cooking!

  • !!! Cider glazed pork ribs?! ::drool::

    Oh WOW. Amazing...

  • Jim

    And speaking of Spam musubi and Wallingford, the new-ish Hawaiian restaurant next to the Wonder Bar (45th and W-ford) makes a delightful one. Don't let the vinyl sign and spare appearance fool you; this place is ace. They served my BBQ combo plate with an orchid as garnish.

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