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Signs of going mad: watched the entirety of Firefly on Saturday, followed by Serenity this afternoon, an ordeal both tiring and fun. Spent the rest of the day singing the theme song with all sorts of made up words, since I’d forgotten what they were supposed to be, but I’m glad it was that instead of the crazy-making singing octopus snack bar song. Anyone have an MP3 of the theme? I think I probably just need to hear it once with the right words to get it out of my head.

I am wondering how a future world seemingly dominated by Chinese & Asiatic culture and language can have so few Asians walking around, or in fact, anyone between white & black on the racial spectrum — aside from Inara and the ladies of the Heart of Gold, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Still! It was fun, and so very, very quotable. But I do rather feel like I never want to watch television again.

This is so so wrong.

  • TCR

    Well.. i need Serenity`s subtitle..if anyone has it...pls tell me how to get it! thx

  • TCR

    Well.. i need Serenity`s subtitle..if anyone has it...pls tell me how to get it! thx

  • pylduck

    Yah. I expected there to be more backstory on the use of Chinese swear words and stuff in the movie.

  • I love Firefly, but I haven't been able to see Serenity yet.

  • Jim

    I just obtained the DVD of the series and started watching on it last night. In the title sequence of the pilot episode, there's a mean looking gang of kung-fu pyjamma-wearing asian guys walking down the street for like a split second.

  • Alan Kong

    If you have the Firefly episodes on DVD, you can press the subtitle button on your remote while the episode is playing, or activate this feature through the onscreen menu. The subtitles display the dialogue and the theme song lyrics.

    The pilot episode of the series entitled "Serenity" also features an optional, oftentimes hilarious, commentary featuring writer/director Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion (Captain "Mal" Reynolds).

    I loved the feature length movie "Serenity" and have seen it three times! :)

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