I went to work today, probably not a good idea in light of my inability to swallow without pain. Still, I was going stir crazy sitting at home and needed to get out to preserve my sanity. In the end, about the same amount of work got done (read: zero), but at least I got exercise and fresh air (however minimal) in the process.

I’ve been getting sick a lot the last few years. The thing is, I don’t remember ever being ill when I was young. It was only after I started college that my body seemed to fall apart and the doors of the Grand Hotel de la Pestilence were thrown open for business. Miranda, also frequently sick of late, speculates that maybe computers give off evil immune system-killing rays. Now, that may not be so plausible, since I’ve more or less been around computers all my life, but intriguingly, only after I switched to Windows PCs did things seem go to hell. Aha! Very suspicious.

Anyways, Ms. Gaw is now apparently on the mend, so hopefully I will improve apace.

One thing I will note: my sense of taste has diminished precipitously in the wake of this illness (I can barely taste at all at the moment), and it’s really distressing. Most foods, when reduced to textures, are completely unappealing! Sauces are gritty and slippery, potatoes coarse mush. Crisp vegetables are shocking and unwelcome. About the only things I’ve found that I can deal with are either moist and chewy, or dry and crunchy. The appetite has adjusted to fit the circumstances: instead of any kind of normal craving, I have a strong desire for Honeycombs cereal, which I didn’t even like when I was a child.

Ha! Maybe I’m pregnant!

Picked up a CD of Noel Coward songs sung by Ian Bostridge today — what a wonderful, velvety voice that boy has. The songs are amusing and witty, as far as I’ve listened. I’m only up to track 5, “Mary Make-Believe,” as of this writing:

Is a form of flagellation
If a sensitive child
Lets it run wild.
It dips the firmament
Till all the world is
Permanently blue.
She’s exasperating.

Alas, I will not be hearing the balance of the music just yet. The NyQuil is kicking in, so it’s off to dreamland for tonight. May tomorrow be a healthier, happier day!

  • Don't put your hamster on the stage, Mrs. Worthington

    Don't put your hamster on the stage

    She has nice PAWS

    and though her teeth are very good

    She's not a rat I ever would

    be eager to enrage,


    NUTS! Mrs. Worthington

    SLUTS! Mrs. Worthington

    Don't put your hamster on the stage!

  • Jet

    Well, sitting at a desk for much of the day certainly doesn't help one's constitution. That's kind of the curse of being in computers, no?

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