Shadow play



  • great candid

  • miranda

    [this is good]

  • Forestdweller

    I really like this image, even though I don't know it's context. It's evocative, subtly.

  • Vanlal

    Love it then. love it now. Still reminds me of that Pfeiffer-De Niro movie.

  • I'm fascinated by the effect the colorizing had. What tools did you use? Did you do each region by hand?

  • I realized I never answered your question. I used photoshop, created a black and white version run through a diffuse glow filter, then multiplied a blurred color layer on top of it. Finally, cut out the back of the fryer, letting an unmodified-except-for-desaturation version show through (to accentuate the shadow reflect, which I think is the romance of the image).

  • Lori

    Love the portrait :-)

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