Jehanne et Alexa


They’re leaving now. It hasn’t started yet, but there’s a stillness in the air, as if the world is teetering on the edge of something inevitable. I reach for the blistered steel, hoping to find comfort in its cool permanence, but before my hand touches metal a groan and shudder announce the beginning of the end.

Softly, music is spilling down from above. A song of celebration, muted by travel between worlds. As it cascades down past my ears and across the wood beneath me, it seems to transform in the glow of the sodium lamps into something deep and base and lost. They are still dancing up there, I know it — but there is no more sound that I can hear.

I know I have no choice left but to go.

I’m moving now, along the dock, matching the ship’s movement inch for inch, while warm light bleeds through deck rails onto the wooden boards before my feet. Already I can see the far end, but I keep pace — and whether the deep or the wind off the waves take me, I will continue to follow.

tags: ariadne , lost

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