Thirty pages, days 9 & 10


Days 9 & 10: this will be a long one, so most of it is behind the cut. Day 10 first, revisiting a subject I tried a long time ago:


For your reference, here is the original rough sketch, from April of last year:


Not sure what happened to make the image go from hard-edged and cool to something out of the glamor pages, and I’m not especially happy about it, but I did let my pencils do their own thing so I think it suits the spirit of the project. And it’s just possible that the mood kind of survived, despite the changes in proportion, pose and viewpoint. Please let me know what you think.

Speaking of the rules from last time and “owning my mistakes,” this is a good example. My first take resulted a horrible Escher-esque contortion that was just painful to look at, and so ugly that I almost considered not posting it. Still, I had to fix it, and without an eraser. Here’s the before and after, side by side, so you can see what happened:


What happened to day 9? Disaster. As promised, I tried to draw a non-Potterish man, and only managed to produce a portrait of someone I could only call “Mr. Dooouuuuche”:


But there you go. Happy? Happy.

  • I think these are great and I do hope you continue. Making things seems much better than not making things.

  • The mood does survive some, despite the makeover -- she still has that thoughtful/tense feel to her. And you're a better artist than most of us will ever be :)

  • sjon

    I like the before-after pics. Great recovery.

  • Sausage fingers!

  • Vanlal

    They're knives!

  • lori

    I can't get the chorus because my voice won't go deep enough.

  • lori

    Like how you recovered in the first one.

    Mr. Dooouuuuche needs his own theme song.

  • Look at his teeth! They need a song just by themselves.

  • Vanlal

    I like how you fixed your 'mistake'. I wouldn't have noticed it at all.

  • Thanks! I'm not displeased with how that went.

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