Sect-change operation


Well, I finally did it. I moved everything over to Movable Type last night, a bigger job than I was expecting. Anyways, not all the kinks are worked out yet, so expect things to change around here a little bit. Also, please let me know if you’re not digging the new comment interface — I’m kind of on the fence about it.

  • Jet

    Actually, I think I like this comments interface better. And with Mozilla, I can resize the window. The question now is whether I have to resize it again the next time I post a comment or if it'll somehow remember this setting. Maybe you should extend the design to the comments though, eh?

  • I don't like the fact that I can't resize the comment window!

  • Hmm... the comments are kind of weird, but overall I think it looks nice. (Of course, I'm probably just used to the YACCS comment box, since that's all I've really dealt with.) Here are some rabbit droppings - congratulations on your new union! ;)

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