Dreaming of being a bride



dreaming of being a bride | New Haven, CT

Much, much too hot here to write. Not heat, specifically, but awful humidity, thick, wet, like childhood summers back home, thankfully forgotten (though I dearly miss: thunderstorms, fireflies).

Back home tomorrow night, anyone in NYC up for an early lunch in Chinatown? But — who am I kidding? Still jet-lagged and will probably sleep until it’s time to leave…

Good-bye, high shoulders, metal earth dwellers, palaces of glass. heart.

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  • Thank you, dears.

  • That's a great picture!

  • Jim

    Fireflies! One of the things I miss about NY as well. Thunderstorms and the variety of birds (Cardinals, Orioles, Bluejays, etc.). Part of me misses the cacophany of Summer bugs in the Long Island canopy, and part of me does not.

    Things I don't miss: poison ivy and deer ticks.

  • Well especially when you stay up past 3 am!

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