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Whirlwind day in Manhattan, browsing the sample sale at Triple Five Soul, shopping at Lush, H&M, and tons of cute little kitsch shops, ooh-ing at Origins’ fab new Modern Friction dermabrasion rub but backing away a little at the price. Also: nibbles at Jaya Malaysian, Woorijip and Le Pain Quotidien with Miranda and Lia (rockstar!), and finally meeting Jarvis and Samson, adorable fuzzballs — all while fighting off jet-lag.

Lots of fun, but tired tired tired.

Okay, breathe, Yuki, get some sleep. You’ve a train to catch in the morning.

  • Is it true that once you leave New York "for good", you may never recant and return?

  • My plan is to get one tomorrow.

    Also I saw more LUSH stores in Chicago. Seattle is truly a wasteland.

  • lia

    A is crazy, I could totally tell which hand immediately. Big fan of microdermabrasion things, I should totally get myself a jar!

  • Oh, Miranda, that's so disappointing! But maybe he didn't know what he was looking for?

    I still have high hopes for it. I mean, I could tell ~!

    Had so much fun you wouldn't believe it. xoxo back atcha.

  • Miranda

    Microdermabrasion update, Yuki: when asked to figure out which hand had been microdermabraded, A. picked out the non-abraded, "control" hand. This stuff may not be as effective as I thought after all!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend... xoxo

  • Yay! Sounds (and looks from the photos) like Yukinon had fun! Cute boots, by the way ^_^

  • Miranda

    I'm SO glad you came to visit. It had been waaaay too long since we last hung out. Now get some freaking rest!

    You're not going to believe this, but 16 hours later, after bath and sleep, the test patch of microdermabraded skin is still noticeably smoother and softer-feeling than the rest of me! And, I mean, the stuff smells of bergamot and citrus, my favorite scents! I'm almost convinced...

  • sue

    mmm lush

    ooh jarvis!

    yay the double team lia and miranda

    what a delightful day

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