Life goes on


Somewhere between Seattle and New York, between Germany and Japan, between home and work, I somehow lost the time to post here. Sorry about that — life’s been a bit of a blender lately.

I’d also just like to point out:

yukino in Seattle: mid-80s, sunny, blue skies.
yukino in New York: mid-60s, rainy, grey skies.


Perhaps indicative of something, I lost control of my car and drove it into the side of my house, leaving huge gaping holes in the walls. It was all in my dreams, of course, but so convincing! I lay in bed for awhile after waking, just to overcome my jitters. The meaning? Well, this one’s no mystery — always last to the game, I’ve just started the refinancing process on the mortgage, and the appraiser’s visit is impending. Hooray for my subconscious!

SIFF continues… tonight, Im Juli, a totally cute, entertaining and romantic road comedy starring Moritz Bleibtreu (of Lola Rennt). Thanks to Mina for recommending this one! It was loads of fun. Afterwards, The Sea Watches, based on a script Akira Kurosawa was working on just before his death: far more atmospheric, somewhat uneven, but extremely pretty to look at. The life and loves of a courtesan in feudal Japan! Kept thinking of Sweet Charity — maybe it’s time to rent, at long last, Nights of Cabiria.

Up for Friday: Public Enemy, from Korea, and at midnight, something called The Hebrew Hammer. Should be fun!

  • bhikku

    Cabiria is good, but Giulietta Masina is at her best in La Strada. A great Anthony Quinn movie? You better believe it.

  • I'm glad you liked *Im Juli*. Fatih Akin's movies are always worth watching. Try *kurz und schmerzlos*.

  • New York?


  • Mine was no dream, unfortunately. But at least insurance should cover it.

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