In Dallas for a wedding, which marks my first visit to Texas, ever! I think that qualifies for at least a few points off on a purity test somwhere.

So far, I can’t tell if the scale of everything here (big, big, big — trust me, I’ve seen some enormous flags!) is inspiring or depressing. What’s certain, though, is something about this place is throwing off my (usually steady) sense of direction. So far, I’ve gotten lost at least five times, and that was just looking for the hotel & some place to eat! Not sure whose fault that is — me, these Dallas roads, or Microsoft Streets & Trips’ directions (I guess there’s an easy scapegoat there) — but something’s wonky for sure.

Net connection is trés flaky. More later!

Added: Well, it may still be partly me, but there’s definitely something wrong with the roads here. Or at least the signs. Tired. Back to Seattle in the morning.

  • mr. wright

    it's the roads' fault. i've been to dallas a handful of times and their streets are all cross-wise.

  • Louis, the Central Market in Dallas (at the corner of Lovers Lane & Greenville) does indeed have a gelateria. Sorry! :)

  • Louis

    But what I really want to know is, did you go to Central Market?! Did they really have a gelateria? (pout) Our CM doesn't have a gelateria.

  • alice: I think so! Is it that shiny thing south-southwest of Dealey Plaza? I even took a picture of it but it kind of sucks, so I'm not sure it'll get posted. Was neat, though!

    Bill: Hee, I guess I never thought of you as being from Dallas..!

    Loli: No 'Texas hair' pics, but I did see some at restaurants!

  • Loli

    You are very brave. Julie lived in Dallas and then Houston for several years, and there was no way in heck I was going to venture down there to visit her. I think everything is so big because they don't pick up on nuance. (The need to be known as large could be for another obvious reason that I will politely ignore.)

    PLEASE tell me you took some pics of 'Texas hair' syndrome.

  • Dang! Come to my home town and you don't even let me know!?

    And yes, everything is HUGE in Dallas, and that's really not a good thing. The roads are horrible, and when the city tries to make things better by fixing or repaving a street, they always seem to stop when they get halfway done. Ugh.

  • I went to Texas for the first time last summer, and I didn't see the "everything is bigger by a factor of 100" there. Then again I didn't see much of the state other than the drive from DFW to downtown Dallas, and then a bit of the downtown area (I was there for an anime convention).

    Did you see the really unique Hyatt hotel with the World Fair-like tower? I thought that was the coolest building in Dallas, if a bit gaudy.

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