There’s a water bottle sitting outside the admin’s office, just outside the door. It’s been there for days now, filled with the expected clear liquid, but also a peach-ish, cloudy mass suspended within. Earlier today I made the mistake of asking someone what it was, and was informed that the mystery contents are the slowly disintegrating remains of a Krispy Kreme donut.

I did myself a favor and dropped the topic.

Server news: Thank goodness! All the data is still safe. I’m told that the machine is being rebuilt from the ground up, so full online ETA still a few days away. But will is such a better word than might.

Thanks for the offers of hosting and web space, lovelies. I’m glad I won’t have to, but you’re all wonderful and deserve many, many chocolates.

  • yukino

    Well, apparently it wasn't a Krispy Kreme at all, but a Gummy Lifesaver. Wow! It all makes perfect sense now!!

  • sjon

    Poor server, rebuild from the ground up while it used to be high up in the rackmount. ^_^

  • Loliinspired

    Yay! Ludus/Paperlane is going to be ok!! Get Your War On is always hilarious, I'm glad you introduced me to it. :) I'm sorry I can't go to Confounded Books; it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I would wander around with my duffel bag, handling everything in sight, trying to get Eggy to yell "Hey, this isn't a public library!" at me. I guess it's up to Kyle to do it.

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