Okay, those Gatorade ads? The ones where athletes crumble into pieces from dehydration? Those are so wrong. I have that dream all the time — I really don’t need to see it happening while I’m awake.

Added: Hum. Who would have thought I’d been spelling desiccation incorrectly all these years?

  • Oh, those activate my squick-o-meter like nothing else! I wonder who Burger King's ad agency is sometimes, what with that and the subservient chicken stuff...

  • It's plain awful. I am reminded of the losers of a recent test on The Apprentice &#151 the allegedly refreshing quality of a face soap is conveyed by runners dousing themselves with said goopy liquid during a marathon. It is disgusting. So so wrong... only not as wrong as those creepy "Wake Up with the King" Burger King ads...

  • LeDiva

    Yeah. Ick. I guess some ad exec had just seen T2 and wanted to show off.

    Although I find the ad particularly ironic so closely on the heels of the report that overhydration can be just as dangerous to runners and other athletes.

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