Krispy congee


I’ve made it clear enough that I’m no real fan of donuts, but I do happen to spend a lot of time around folks who are. So, once again dragged to Krispy Kreme, I desperately asked the nice man behind the counter whether it would be possible to get a few of the glazed originals before they were dipped in evil, sugary glaze. To my surprise, he smiled and said “sure!” With a little deft maneuvering he had rescued half a dozen from the hot oil and placed them into a box for me.

Clearly, I’ve been missing out! Not sweet at all, these, but soft, melty, doughy — they’re a bit like Chinese donuts, but neither as firm nor as salty. And that realization turned into an experiment, in which I paired the little soft rings of goodness with congee and salted vegetables.


Verdict? Yum!

I couldn’t eat more than one-ish without feeling the same kind of ickiness I usually get with fatty foods, and I’m not sure when I’ll want to get them again, but it was a fun way to survive a trip to the donut shop!

  • lori

    Homemade callas (creole rice donuts) are the best. Not too greasy or sweet. Usual carb snack fare is homemade soft pretzels (cheap & easy) or bagels. I would like to try a Krispy Kreme without the glaze, it might become edible.

  • I can't get fired up for donuts. They always look so good, but then after I eat one it's like "bleh." And donut stores don't have much of alternative, either. Except for 700-calorie muffins.

    Love bagels, though. I was in horror during the anti-carb fad, as bagel stores closed. But the good ones (mostly) remain.

  • shadows

    Oooo. Sounds like yummy.

  • I don't like donuts either but dipping them into sesamy seeds is like an alchemists dream. Turning common stuff into gold.

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