Mini. Week. In. Review.


Tidbits from the recent past, in no particular order (chronological or otherwise):

Another mostly-full box of Krispy Kremes bites the dust. This is the fourth box in a row that I’ve bought (usually, for the benefit of hungry visitors) from which I haven’t eaten a single donut before its demise.

For a while I was on that bandwagon of worshipful transplants who lamented the lack of donut shops in the Puget Sound (Before KK’s arrival, there was only the void created by the transformation of the last Winchell’s in the area into a Jamba Juice several years ago), but no amount of sugar or fat could overcome the simple fact (long buried) that I really don’t like donuts. I haven’t ever liked donuts! I remember that now! What a revelation — one I’ll have to keep in mind for the future. (Oh, and I like Jamba Juice, too!)

“Who stabbed you?” “Oh, he did.”

Many (Mr. S, I’m talking about you here! :) have called The Royal Tenenbaums overrated; freed of the burden of hype at the time of its release, I’m glad to say that I found it appealing. Part of the reason might be that its particular brand of randomness in tune with that of my own brain. And it’s just so endearing! Okay, okay, that’s probably what people took issue with, or its unabashedly fairy-tale-like story. I usually tend to find that stuff a bonus, when done well. Very much my kind of flick.

Slut-rags and bitch-whores

Sometimes it’s good to recognize that pounding your head against a huge rock is only going to result in one thing getting broken (hint: not the rock). A couple rounds of late-night Trivial Pursuit at patrickt’s with some interesting folks really prevented a near-total work-related meltdown. molly, ZZ, sonjet, lish and others, most meeting for the first time, kept the evening entertaining. Plus I got free paperbacks too!

Can you say “Smurfs” in four different languages? I knew you could. That was a trick question.

Puppet emperor

A tip: if it’s supposed to look like a cow but looks more like a cat, try glueing on some horns. Should work like a charm. On a related note: how exactly would a duck use a typewriter?

Just for emphasis…

Believe in love! Substitute three parts sugar for one part love, if that’s easier to wrap your mind around.

Tomorrow night, I leave for Boston, so next time I write, it will be in the company of lovely people and (hopefully) big steaming bowls of clam chowder. See you on the Red Line!

  • mlee

    Remember? Before there was DOE there was "Death to Donuts"? =)

    As for diet drinks, all I can say is... NAST.

    Oh, and when are you going to move me to MT (so I can start posting again)? ;)

  • yukino

    Pepsi One has this weird underlying sourness that once I start to notice kind of ruins the experience for me.

    I'm waiting for more soft drinks to be made with Splenda. I've only seen Diet Ice so far.

  • The thing about boxes of Krispy Kremes that live in your house is that they emit a continuous SUGAR odor, that makes it hard to work up an appetite for them.

    Diet Dr. Pepper is nasty. Because Pepsi is a major client of ours, we are required to stock our fridge with PepsiCo products only. I've found Pepsi One to be palatable, but that's about it.

  • Don't forget to set the whole thing on fire beforehand, though.

  • No, here's what you do. Sonya and Patrickt and I discussed it last night. You take a shot of vodka, and you stick the glass in the hole in the middle of the donut. Then, you stick your mouth around the whole thing and shoot both at once.

  • yukino

    Pepsi??? Who said anything about Pepsi? This thing gets nastier every time you open your mouth... What does this mean now, you dip the thing in Pepsi AFTER you replace the buns with donuts? (Sorry, I mean "doughnuts")

  • I love Diet Dr. Pepper. You bastard.

  • Send any future uneaten KK doughnuts my way! I'll give 'em a good home! Mmmm...double-glazed...

  • jet

    Dude, that's the whole thing about Krispy Kremes. They're not "donuts," they're "doughnuts." I've never liked "donuts" either, but I'll take the Krispy Kreme Fatburger Pepsi Challenge any day.

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