Chrysanthemum and pi lo chun


Woke up this morning with rainbows in my eyes, and knew that today would not start out well. By ten, the migraine was in full swing, and worse than I remembered — strange flavors in my mouth and chills deep within my flesh, and oh, the pain! I felt like dying, truly.

Afternoon came and released something inside my head, and the world has since gone right again. That is, aside from a phantom aroma of chrysanthemum and pi lo chun, a small gift from my otherwise traitorous body.

There’s an air of melancholy around me lately; depressingly, though I’ve always fancied the idea of having a melancholic journal — ah, to feed on the aesthetics of failure! — I find myself completely unable to write about it.

When will I dance my sad but beautiful tango on the streets of Buenos Aires?


  • Just in case it's any help: Be aware that monosodium glutimate, a common food additive (in lots of american food, and some chinese/japanese), is known to trigger migraines. Some people also have them triggered by food allergies, such as chocolate, wheat, or other particular foods. And some migraines correlate with hormonal variations in women. Caffeine addiction is noted to make migraines worse; but very light caffeine usage in someone who isn't addicted to it can sometimes help (as it affects blood vessels in your head).

    I know way too much about this stuff, 'cause of helping someone else figure out how to reduce them.

  • pastilla

    bilateral migraine -- a cruel twist of fate for a tea and potato chip lover!

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